This allows members to reserve the date and pavilion they want for birthdays, sports teams, company parties, church or family parties. Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the club after the season begins for reservations and party rules. 


Each member will receive a Membership Card on the first visit to the Club. Membership cards are non-transferable to any other person including family members. Refunds will not be issued for cancelled or revoked memberships.


First grand parent is $120 at all times. Second grandparent is $65 additional at all times. A Grandchild must join in order to qualify for the Grandparent Rate. For those that do not qualify for the Grandparent Rate, a senior citizen discount is available for patrons 65 and older. Rates apply to immediate adolescent family only.


Senior rates as follows: First senior is $120 at all times. Second senior is $65 additional at all times. Senior rates are not available with family packages. 

Guest Passes can only be purchased by a MEMBER. They are $100 for 10 visits. They are only good for the season.  The guest pass is valid for the season purchased. 

*For more than 4 immediate family members, add an additional

$65 per person . All “add-ons” (anyone added after

membership payment) will be charged $80 per add-on member.

Add-ons are NOT applicable for single packages, only

family packages. Rates apply to immediate family only.


Click HERE to download the application to Pine Ridge Swim Club

These individual memberships are available to current members for $120 and are non-transferable. A separate membership application is required for the babysitter. This is for the babysitter of your children, NOT for the children that you are babysitting- They would need their own membership that needs to be signed by the child's parent.

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